Our beer

At the heart of Brewmanity is our new artisan brewery in South Melbourne.

It’s our centre of innovation, where we perfect our core range beers and explore with our seasonal and specialty beers.

Led by our Head Brewer, Tim Miller, we have a simple philosophy to ‘make good beer better’.

This involves exploring the history of the beer style, then using modern day ingredients and brewing techniques, along with our own unique interpretations, to build and evolve each style.

We take pride in carefully crafting and refining each beer style, pushing the boundaries of what excellent beer can be.

Discover the fusion of tradition, innovation, and unwavering commitment at Brewmanity. 

Our tins

Our beers that make it into tins can be found in many good independent bottle shops and bars, and are available in Liquorland, Dan Murphy’s, First Choice Liquor Stores & Vintage Cellar.


PALE ALE – 4.5%

Tropical flavours with a balanced malt profile this beer is perfect for any occasion.

Our original hero in helping us fight THE BEAST that is MND, this is a damn good beer that comes from the heart.


of the South

DRAUGHT – 4.2%

Get it in your mouth… our brew pub draught simply tastes good.

All ingredients are grown in this great southern land and there’s a subtle hop profile that cleanses the palate.

Don’t think too hard about it, just kick back and enjoy this delicious beer with your mates.


The Big

IPA – 6.5%

We’re off to the Big Dance!

If IPA’s are the grand final of craft beer styles, we’re throwing in a team of star studded American and Australian hops to take you to the IPA promised land.

Upfront bitterness, followed by a punch of citrus and tropical fruit flavours – and at a well disguised 6.4% it’s a dangerous beer that lives up to its name!

Breamanity Slider Can

Cold XPA

ABV – 4.7%

Brewed colder for longer our Extra Crisp – Cold XPA delivers delicious upfront flavour, before sliding down the back of your palate with a crisper, cleaner, easy finish. You’ll get a hit of upfront flavor that you’d expect from an XPA, then it goes down easy like a lager.



ALC – 3.4%

Bang on full flavour, and bang on one standard drink. Our delicious Hazy Mid allows you to put your sensible hat on without making any compromises. Drink well, mindfully and enjoy!

On tap

All of our beers in tins are also on the taps at our South Melbourne brewery… as well as a few more varieties exclusive to thevenue!

We like to use the brewery as Tim’s beer ‘playground’, where he continues to develop his craft by experimenting with new ingredients and brewing techniques to create entirely new beers, as well as applying his unique perspective to some traditional beer styles.

Check out what’s pouring now in our seasonal and experimental range below.