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Our brewery is under construction in South Melbourne.
Look out for our opening in March 2022

Mouth of the South

Draught – 4.2%

Get it in your mouth… our brew pub draught simply tastes good.

All ingredients are grown in this great southern land and there’s a subtle hop profile that cleanses the palate.

Don’t think too hard about it, just kick back and enjoy this delicious beer with your mates

What's the Mouth of the South?

Social Beast

Pale Ale – 4.5%

Tropical flavours with a balanced malt profile this beer is perfect for any occasion.

Our original hero in helping us fight THE BEAST that is MND, this is a damn good beer that comes from the heart


The Big Dance

IPA – 6.5%

We're off to the Big Dance!

If IPA's are the grand final of craft beer styles, we're throwing in a team of star studded American and Australian hops to take you to the IPA promised land.

Upfront bitterness, followed by a punch of citrus and tropical fruit flavours - and at a well disguised 6.4% it's a dangerous beer that lives up to its name!


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